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Welcome to Azuza Paradise Location

Best Shisha In Las Vegas. The Finest Teas, Coffee, Organic Halal Food, Beverages and More...

  • About Azuza


    AzuzA Hookah Lounge is the culmination of the Dawoud family's vision to bring a quality hookah experience to the greater Las Vegas social scene. Through dedication, sacrifice and belief they have created the ultimate hookah venue. Be it a one of a kind Flowering Tea ritual or hookah session; AzuzA prides itself on their attention to detail and adherence time-tested traditions and preparations. AzuzA's mission is to bring hookah to the masses in a format that is synonymous with excellence.

  • Our Menu


    Our AzuzA Paradise menu is a take on classic Mediterranean dishes with a twist of Las Vegas' new school flavor. We have taken recipes from our mother Kleopatra and added it to your dining experience. The Hookah menu is of course well thought out and has been selected among avid Shisha smokers from around the world. Offering Starbuzz /AlFakher and Fusion flavors as well as classic favorites like Nakhla Double Apple. We did not take our Tea menu lightly either. AzuzA offers a variety of Blossoming Flower teas from Vietnam and Hawaii. Authentic dishes, Hookah and Mediterranean Teas to satisfy your cultural appetite and thirst.

  • Happy Hour


    Happy Hour is everyday from opening hours until 8 pm. Excluding Holidays and Special Events.

World Famous for having the finest Shisha.